Special Thanks

We’d all like to thank Sam Benighoff, Zachary Lewis, The Dead Workers Party, Eric Badger, and the organizers of Connecticon and PlayOnCon.

Art Frederick thanks Howard, Carol, Kate and Tom Frederick, Logan Dyer, and the Wee Baby Elliot. He additionally thanks Robert and Matthew Collier.

Joe Hills thanks his family and his loving wife, Marion.

C.P. Stanford thanks all of his friends and family who helped keep him sane throughout the process of finishing this book. Special thanks go to Kat and Robert, without whom things would have ended in bloodshed and tears. He also particularly thanks his parents, Phil and Janette, and his friend Jon
B., without whom he would have been homeless, hungry, and forced to write his part of the book from a library computer.

Bryan Burke thanks his family.

Cover Illustration

  • @jkhilbert — Joseph Hilbert


  • Jon Barrett
  • John Saba
  • @Codeman655 — Chris Craig
  • @cilantroGamer — Jameson Orndorff
  • @gnezbot — Glendra Craig
  • @roguePenguin109 — Andrea Bennett
  • @sauerpauer — Marion Sauer
  • @TwyllBlackleaf — Kat Dixon

Pitfalls and Penguins Labrats

We couldn’t have put this book together without the help of our awesome fans who contributed to our brainstorming, playtesting, and layout livestreams.

  • Aleksandr Soborov
  • @aureylian — Aureylian
  • Doomlad
  • @gridster33 — Brice Crawford
  • @Gubudugu — Gustavo Madeiros
  • @himitsusj — Sarah Jeter
  • @kermitfry — Sam Roman
  • @neBadger — Eric Badger
  • @maoCatsWorld — Cole Brodeur
  • @moarrgan — Morgan Grobin
  • @SirVladimyr — Phil Mitchell
  • @steveOcappie — Garrett McLaughlin
  • @ravenVelith — Lynni Velith

Kickstarter Backers

Penguin Tier

  • GuudeLP

Elf Tier

  • Fox Cutter

 Imp Tier

  • Hypnotizd
  • J wings

Human Tier

  • Adam Salrin
  • Andrea Martinelli
  • Bill W
  • Blayne White
  • Camerron L.
  • Daniel Brill
  • David Hilmer
  • Jacob Verstraete
  • Jason Smith
  • Jen Henley
  • Jon Buran
  • Jordan Jacobs
  • JoshSDH
  • Kyle Lowes
  • Leonard Richardson
  • Matthew ‘colexus’ Harvey nmanley
  • Ryan Addams
  • Ryan Hebel
  • Stephanie Carr
  • Steven Lord
  • Tim Gourley