Though every individual is different, each species is inclined toward certain strengths and weaknesses at the physiological level. These strengths and weaknesses are explored in depth in the following pages, but a chart has been provided below as a quick reference.

When choosing a species for a new character, don’t feel compelled to select the one with the best stats for your concept. Keep in mind that you can assign your six ability score rolls to overcome the natural ability score weaknesses of your species. Playing against type is still playing, and fun is the ultimate goal of this game.

A comparison of species run speeds

New species under development

Jet Bugs!

The following species are all currently under development and we’ll have more to share soon!

  • Imp Jr. ageless youth
  • Jet Bugs: intelligent alien insects with organic jet packs
  • Seals: mammals that have flippers and don’t get along with penguins
  • Xyloids: walking trees, protectors of the forests who hunt herbivores

Species from the First Edition at a glance

  • Doppelgangers: Shapeshifting blobs.
  • Elves: Weak but bright.
  • Elorcs: Functionally identical to humans.
  • Half-Elves: Less naturally weak and bright than Elves.
  • Humans: Once wore socks with sandals, in emulation of their god.
  • Orcs: Physically strong, mentally dim.
  • Penguins: Well rounded.
  • Quarter-Orcs: Weaker than full-blooded Orcs, but also tend to be better educated.
  • Rabbits: Quick, but lucky.
  • Robots: Mechanical people.

For full entries about the first batch of species we released, download the .pdf of Pitfalls and Penguins First Edition at http://gum.co/penguins