The Cardblaster class is coming soon!

Classes vary wildly in their abilities and playstyles, but every class entry is similarly structured for your convenience. Each entry begins with a statement of that class’ role and how it most differs from the roles of others. Stats and proficiencies vary from class to class, but the largest differentiating factors between classes are their unique class abilities.

If you are choosing a class for the first time, we recommend you read the beginning of every entry to narrow down your decision, and then peruse the class abilities of the more promising classes.

If you select a class with complex abilities, like the Lighter Fighter, it may help to bookmark your class’ page for reference during gameplay. It’s not cheating to look things up!

Classes under development

A hacker with her laptop
A hacker!

The following classes are all currently under development and ready for play-testing. Try them out and let us know what you think!

Classes from theĀ First Edition at a glance

  • Cameramen: Use directorial vision to shape the battlefield.
  • Cataloguers: Adventurer-archaeologists who use magic and weapons.
  • Expert Swordsmen: Archetypal muscle- bound warriors who specialize in arms.
  • Lighter Fighters: Quick, sneaky, smart.
  • Mages: Specialists in magic.
  • Paladins: Warriors who live by a strict code and augment physical strength with magic.
  • Rednecks: Experts at rural living and in- considerate effectiveness.
  • Salarymen: Professionals a few knocks away from rageful outbursts.
  • Scientists: Create their own tools and weapons.
  • Shapeshifters: Transform for maximum effectiveness.

For full entries about the first batch of classes we released, download the .pdf of Pitfalls and Penguins First EditionĀ at