Card Blaster


Hit Die d4

4 + Int skill points

level	BAB	Fort	Ref	Will	Special					Blasting Power
1	0	0	0	2	Card Blasting, Monster Guard, Rank Up	9
2	1	0	0	3	Custom Monsters, Dramatic Effects, 	12	
3	1	1	1	3	Daily Buff				15
4	2	1	1	4	Blasting Arena				18
5	2	1	1	4	Training from Hell, Double 		21
6	3	2	2	5	Call Your Buff				24


Card Blasting

Get ready to BLAST! Starting from 1st level, you become one of the few, the proud, the people who spent money on an expensive card game! Armed with your blasting device (sold separately), your licensed Starter Blaster deck, and the limitless power of your artificial scarcity, you’re ready to play!

Take the rules below to heart and blast the cards of your ventricles through the souls of your foes!

Monster Guard

The power of friendship isn’t just for your friends with free will! At 1st level, you learn how to rely on your monsters like they rely on you! If a monster you summon is next to you when you would suffer damage from a foe’s attack, you can have it absorb all or part of the damage! With friendship!

Custom Monsters

The bond between a Card Blaster and her monsters can coalesce into a cascade of customization! Beginning at 2nd level, you gain the ability to add special abilities to your monsters! At the start of each day, you may choose one of the special abilities from the card generation section and apply it to a monster when you summon it or any time after! Your friendship is only so strong, though, so you can only have one monster taking advantage of it at a time!

Rank Up

Being a Card Blaster means constantly testing yourself against the strongest rivals! You don’t only need experience Points to level up, you must also defeat at least one Card Blaster of a higher level! With both criterion met, you gain the full rights, responsibilities, and skills of a Card Blaster of your new level! Some powerful foes may even reward you with special cards or other gifts such as booster packs!

Dramatic Effects

The greatest Card Blasters win the true battle before their monsters even clash by impressing their opponents! From 2nd level forward, you may take a full-round action to change the weather in your immediate environment to suit your dramatic needs! This usually means holographic dramatic wind or stormy weather, but your imagination is the limit! You can’t affect anything more than 100 feet away, though, or directly damage or otherwise affect anyone, but when you use Dramatic Effects, all opponents must make Will saves (DC 10 + ½ your Card Blaster Level + your CHA modifier), or else suffer a -2 penalty to resist the effects of Intimidate checks by you and your allies!


A one eyed bee with wings which I guess other bees also have.Go, Ichibii! Go MickeyBii! Transmute into… Ichibuck McBii! With this 2nd level ability, you learn how to combine two monsters into one powerful warrior! Once per battle, you may choose a monster you have already played and combine it with another monster in your hand! The resulting monster gains all special abilities and equipment from both monsters, and the best attributes between the two! In addition, it is healed for the difference between its old and new maximum HP! Transmuting is a standard action and the Transmuted monster may act immediately instead of waiting a turn!

Daily Buff

Card Blasting is hard work for both you and your team, but it pays off in the long term! Starting at 3rd level, you may begin each day by rolling on the equipment generation table below, taking the result as a bonus equal to your CHA modifier for all monsters you control!

Blasting Arena

Training from Hell

The path of a Card Blaster is never easy, but such difficulties only make her and her team stronger! Beginning at 5th level, you may recall the lessons you have learned through your struggles and intense training when the situation turns dire! Whenever you are at or below half your maximum HP, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks! Not only that, but your monsters share your same benefits!

Double Transmutation

Ichibuck McBii, it’s time to show them what we’re really made of–Double Transmute into Ichibuck Killotron! This 5th level ability lets you transmute monster a second time, adding the abilities and attributes of another monster from your hand to a monster you previously transmuted!

Call Your Buff

The strength and courage of a Card Blaster is only matched by their cunning and foresight! At 6th level, you gain the ability to decide which attribute is improved by your Daily Buff, instead of rolling for it! In addition, you may use any attribute to determine the size of this bonus!

Rules of Blasting


A legal Card Blasting deck consists of 12 cards in any combination of Monster, Spell, and Equipment cards. Card Blasters may also carry up to 6 cards as a sideboard, and may substitute them between battles. Any substitutions to either the main deck or the sideboard may be performed at the beginning of the day, or any time a Blaster has an hour’s downtime.

Card Types

There are three kinds of card: Monster, Spell, and Equipment. Monster cards summon a creature to the field under the Card Blaster’s control. Equipment cards are applied to a monster, and improve one of its attributes. Spell cards apply an effect directly to a target creature or area.

Playing Cards

Cards have varying action time, depending on type and power. Monster cards always require a standard action to apply while equipment cards always require a move-equivalent action. Spell cards may vary from immediate action to full-round actions. Certain cards may have abilities which contradict these rules, in which case the card’s ability takes priority.

A Card Blaster may only have 5 cards in his or her hand at a time, but may have any number of cards in play. When a card is used or destroyed, it is sent to the discard pile. A Card Blaster who does not have any cards in his or her hand or in play may pick up the discard pile, shuffle, and continue play.

Using Monsters

A Card Blaster may summon up to three monsters at a time. Monsters act on the Card Blaster’s turn, but may act either before, during, or after the Card Blaster’s own actions. This monster may only attack opponents, and cannot damage structures or carry individuals or objects.

A Card Blaster may summon a monster at or below their Blasting Power without penalty. Attempting to summon a monster above this threshold requires a Charisma check with a DC equal to 10 + the difference between the Card Blaster’s Blasting Power and the power of the card. Failure wastes the Card Blaster’s action and sends the card to the discard pile.

A monster may fight as long as it has at least 1 HP. A monster reduced to 0 HP is immediately removed from the battlefield and its card sent to the discard pile. If a Card Blaster is knocked unconscious, all summoned monsters are immediately removed from the battlefield.

Ending a Match

A sanctioned match ends when only one Card Blaster or group of Card Blasters is still able to fight, whether by knocking the opposing Card Blasters out, or otherwise rendering them unable or unwilling to continue the match. Unsanctioned matches may abide by these rules, or may follow their own logic.

Card Generation

Booster Packs

Booster Packs give a Card Blaster a chance to acquire new and more powerful cards. Each Booster Pack contains 3 cards, the variation in which is shown below. When creating a monster, roll the indicated dice on the Monster Generation Tables to determine attributes and abilities (if any).

Basic – S$25, Roll 3d4 for monsters. Singlet – S$50
Advanced – S$100, roll 3d6 for monsters. Singlet – S$250
Expert – S$500, roll 3d8 for monsters. Singlet – S$1500

When drawing from booster pack, roll 1d20.
1-5: Monster
6-10: Equipment
11-15: Spell
16-20: Monster

All monsters have 10 AC and 10s in all ability scores. Monsters have one good saving throw, assigned by their owners. This can potentially be modified by special cards.

Monster Stats

Damage			Health				Attack/Saving Throw		
1 - 1d4	(2.5)			1 - 4				1 - 0	
2 - 1d6	(3.5)			2 - 8				2 - 1	
3 - 1d8 (4.5)			3 - 12				3 - 2	
4 - 1d101 (5.5)			4 - 161				4 - 31
5 - 1d12 (6.5)			5 - 20				5 - 4	
6 - 2d62 (7.0)			6 - 242				6 - 52
7 - 2d8 (9.0)			7 - 28				7 - 6/1
8 - Roll on spec.3, 4		8 - Roll on spec.3		8 - Roll on spec.3

1. When drawing from a Basic pack, results in roll on special ability table, then reroll stat. Multiple results for special abilities stack
2. When drawing from an Advanced pack, results in roll on special ability table, then reroll stat. Multiple results for special abilities stack
3. Roll on special abilities table, then reroll stat. Multiple results for special abilities stack
4. If rolling for effects of abilities or spells, treat as roll of 2d10.

Monster Special Abilities (WIP)

Riders on a monster’s stat block beyond HP, damage, and bonuses.

Damage Specials

Roll 1d3

  1. Poison
    Basic dice dice roll for pack tier to determine damage, roll twice on equipment table with 1d6 for affected stat. Poison only occurs once.
  2. Bonus Damage (bonus damage equal to dice roll of pack), roll 1d6
    1. Fire
    2. Cold
    3. Electric
    4. Sonic
    5. Acid
    6. Physical
  3. Attack Attributes (damage as normal, but with elemental damage), roll 1d6
    1. Fire attribute
    2. Ice attribute
    3. Electricity attribute
    4. Sonic attribute
    5. Acid attribute
    6. Cure rather than hurt

Health Specials

1-5: Resistance/Vuln (1d6)
1: Fire/Ice
2: Ice/Fire
3: Electricity/Acid
4: Sonic/None
5: Acid/Elec
6: Roll again, ignore vuln
6: Damage Reduction (1d3)
1: 1/–
2: 2/–
3: 3/–

Attack/Save Specials

  1. Ranged atk. in addition to regular attack, determine base stat for bonus (Dex, Int, Wis, Cha)
  2. Reach atk. in addition to regular attack
  3. Extra good saving throw
  4. Evasion
  5. Mettle
  6. AOE Abilities – Assign governing attribute (Int, Wis, Cha, Con)

Roll as normal to determine ability damage, roll on special abilities table for damage to determine effect, then roll below to determine affected area

  1. 10×10 square
  2. 5×15 line
  3. 15 foot cone