This class is a work in progress and may not be fully playable!


  • Hit Die d6
  • 4 + Int skill points

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

  • Guns
  • Simple weapons
  • Light armor


The Hacker has one thread per level. The hacker can disable and enable threads at the start of their turn while in combat.

One Thread

Aim Bot

+1 to ranged attack rolls.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Yeah, I get that it is only a 5% improvement in performance, but I’m running an aim bot on a freakin’ cell phone.

Chip Damage

Deals  damage equal to hacker level on shots that do not beat AC but still beat touch AC.

Target: 1 Creature

Range: As weapon

Holding back doesn’t block everything.


Opens door, gate, or chest within line of sight. Does not override locks, but will unlock structure if you have the key, know the passcode, or otherwise could manually open it. Makes a loud noise if the door is locked.

Target: 1 Structure

Range: 10 ft

What’s the password? EEEEEEEE!!!!

Frame Perfect Block

If an opponents attack roll is exactly equal to the user’s AC.  The attack fails, and the hacker may make a counter attack as a free action.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal


Goggle Translate

Translates foreign languages.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

It turns out the newest jetbug dance craze is just them making fun of your dumb blouse.


Last Hit

Allows a hacker to make an extra attack as an immediate action on any enemy that’s current health drops to equal to or less than the hacker’s dexterity modifier. Enemy must be visible to the hacker and within range of the hacker’s equipped weapon.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

It’s not kill stealing when no one else tracks their K/D ratio.


Mission Marker

Requires line of site to initiate and refresh.

Places a marker on a living creature or a structure that all of a hacker’s allies can see even if view of the target is obstructed. Creatures not allied with the hacker are not aware of the marker’s existence. Marker lasts for 5 minutes for every thread dedicated. If no threads are dedicated, the hack immediately ends.

Target: Anything

Range: Line of Sight

Do not attempt to enter new mission markers or adjust previously placed ones while driving. Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your car, horse, or loyal manservant could result in character death, lose of HP or ability score drain.  User assumes total responsibility and risk for using this hack.


Model Hack

Makes hostile enemies appear bright yellow.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Balls, I thought this was supposed to be a nude mod.


Quick Scope

Lets you take a shot while on the move with a scoped weapon, like a sniper rifle, without the standard penalty for failing to prepare the weapon.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Not to be used with a long bow.

-One Eared Dave


Allows the hacker to reattempt a failed athletics check. Must be activated before failed check.

Using two threads allows any other skill check.

Using three threads allows re-roll of saving throws.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Savestates, for when you don’t have your big brother to do the hard part for you.

Rubber Banding

A vehicle in pursuit of another vehicle travels at 150% the of the leading vehicle’s movespeed.

Target: Vehicle

Range: 1000 ft

You’re still on your own to dodge the bananas.

Social Media Scan

Allows hacker to find information on any person that they know the name of.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Great for checking in too see if your ex realizes that they need you yet. Also Gary is a piece of sh%t and your too good for him.  Call me Darlene!


Allows self or ally to automatically land on their feet when launched or knocked prone.

Target: Personal or Creature

Range: 60 ft

Tech yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Paint the Walls

Shooting hidden doors causes them to open.

Target: Hidden Doorways

Range: Weapon range

If you plan to speed run you should probably know where the hidden paths are already.

Two Threads

Big Head Mode

Doubles crit range for the hacker (Allocating 6 threads grants ability to entire party).

Target Self or one or more willing creatures

Range: Range 60 ft

I’m not brain surgeon, oh wait.  Now I am.

Ccccccombo Breaker

Prevents target from making the same type of attack as they made the previous round.

Target: 1 Creature

Range 60 ft

DM Note: You can yell Ccccccombo Breaker if you want.  You are the de facto announcer after all.

Character Customization

Allows a hacker to modify their appearance including options to change facial features, hairstyle, hair color, body type, gender, clothes (that the hacker owns, even if it is not in their inventory), and species within your size category from the playable species list.

Whatever clothes the hacker changes into will resize to fit their new body.

When this hack ends the hacker will reassume their original form wearing whatever clothes they were wearing originally.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Prepare to spend more time adjusting sliders than actually playing the game.

Hit Stun

Enemies hit by a hacker’s attack are treated as flat footed until the beginning of the hacker’s next turn.

Target: 1 Creature

Range: As weapon

Combos made easy.

Invincibility Frames

When knocked prone by an enemy, the hacker cannot be harmed again until the end of his next turn.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Never kick a man when he’s down, at least when he is flashing.  It won’t do anything. Your time is better spent eating entire roasted chickens that you find in barrels.

Infrared/Ultraviolet Filters

Allow hacker to see in Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrum. This ability, once activated for the hacker, can be shared with others at a cost of one thread per target.

Target: Personal or creature

Range: Ranged touch to activate / 120 ft to maintain

Just don’t get shot, then you’ll get delicious strawberry jam on your hud and that will make your enhanced vision harder to use.


All ranged attacks are at a -10 to hit in a 120ft radius around the hacker.

Target: 120 ft sphere centered on user

Range: Personal

Is anyone else lagging hard? Hello? Can anyone read this? <User has disconnected>

Lan Party

Allows a hacker to teleport between ethernet ports within a building.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Most games don’t offer LAN play by default anymore. Fortunately hackers don’t tend to care what games offer by default.

Moon Jump

Triple’s target’s maximum jump height. Removes fall damage.

Target: Creature

Range: 60 ft

Originally used to fake the moon landing.

No Scope

Treats anything smaller than medium as a size category larger when firing a ranged attack.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

For maximum efficiency spin around first.


Allows allies’ ranged attacks, spells and camera abilities to originate from the hacker. For each additional thread dedicated to this ability allows 1 more participant to use the hacker as a proxy.

Target: 1 willing creature

Range: 60 ft

Good luck.

Quick Time Event Takedown

Instantly defeat an unaware enemy after succeeding on 3 DC 10 Dex roles. Each successive success decreases clamor of the takedown.

Target: 1 creature

Range: Touch

It’s as easy as A, B, XR!

Rocket Jump

Target receives 75% damage reduction against explosions. Target is launched 5ft for every point of damage negated in this way.

Target: Personal or 1 creature

Range: 60 ft

More fun than a bounce house made entirely of explosions!

Shoot Off Screen to Reload

Target points ranged weapon outside of their own field of view and reload the weapon as a free action. Weapon will fire if not completely unloaded. DM determines who or what the bullet strikes.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Those who would give up essential fire arm liberty in exchange for temporary fire arm safety deserve neither.

Three Threads

Air Juggle

Allows an ally to juggle an enemy in the air with their attacks. The juggler must be at least the same size category as the jugglee.

Target: 1 other creature

Range: 60 ft

Learn to make a couple balloon animals and you can take on the rewarding career of children’s party clown.

Block Craft

Hacker can collect unshapened earth in 2.5ft blocks, and place the earth chunks as desired so long as the chunks are touching a solid surface or another block when placed. Blocks crumble naturally when hack ends. Hacker can collect or place one block every second in this fashion.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

You don’t have to talk like a redneck when you use this ability, but it helps.


Allows hacker to upload an item from their hammerspace into another person’s hammerspace. Other person must be within line of sight, and is instantly aware that something new has been placed in their hammerspace upon upload completion. Item will not transfer if target’s hammerspace is full.

Target: 1 creature with hammerspace

Range: 30 ft and line of sight

Sure they offer unlimited storage, but by capping upload speeds to 2mb you’ll never be able to fully use it.


Allows hackers to gather resources twice as fast.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Require gas for your vespa? This is the hack for you!

Stop Feeding

Revives downed allies and restores HP equal to hacker level.

Target: 1 creature

Range: Touch

Perhaps you should re-class to quarterback, because you’ve done nothing but throw this entire fight.

Weapon Drop

Drops single use rocket launcher randomly within 20 ft of the hacker immediately before the hacker’s next turn. Rocket launcher deals 2d12 damage, and reduces movement speed by 10ft when carried. Rocket launcher despawns at the end of combat.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal

Rawket Lawnchair!!!

Five Threads

Drop tables

When a PM would normally roll against a random event or encounter table, the roll is nullified and the game continues as if nothing happened.

Target: PM

Range: ???

The first time we put this hack on the website we lost all of our data. Thanks SQL!

Six Threads


Allows you to move through stationary matter as a full-round action.

Target: Personal

Range: Personal


Access debug mode.