Drop Bear

Note: this class is currently under development! It may not be complete and everything is in flux!


Drop Bear Ink
Drop bear claws are optimized for climbing and fighting!

Drop bears are people who wear heavy armor and slashing claws.

  • Takes no armor penalty to climbing.
  • Uses the knees of opponents to break his own fall
  • The Drop Bear jumps on people to hurt them. When on the ground, the Drop Bear finds something to climb and jumps again. Failing that, the Drop Bear will slash enemies with their climbing claws.
  • The Drop Bear receives no bonuses to extinguishing flames, as only you can prevent forest fires

This class is designed to be playable immediately by people who are new to RPGs and already have enough other stuff to learn.

  • We don’t force any irrevocable specialization decisions
  • Class doesn’t require tons of out-of-session preparation (choosing spells, creating cardblaster decks)
  • Class is based on universal humor that requires no special JAB universe lore or RPG systems to get (doesn’t depend on imaginary modifiers)

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

Weapon: Claws, armor spikes

Armor: Heavy


Use their knees

The Drop Bear transfers damage they would have taken from falling onto their target. If they miss, they still take only half the damage they’d have normally taken.

Blowing off Heavy Armor

The Drop Bear receives no penalty to climbing in heavy armor. They still can’t cling to sheer vertical or under horizontal surfaces indefinitely.

Wall Dash

Drop bears have the ability to run 10 ft up a vertical surface after charging at least 5 feet towards it. At the top of their wall run they can either latch onto the wall or perform a backflip attack on a target within a 15ft foot cone. Attacking in this manner gives the drop damage equal to a 10ft fall damage plus melee attack damage.

Sleep in trees

At 2nd level, the Drop Bear receives no penalty to sleeping in trees or perches on other narrow elevated surfaces.

Latch on to Ceilings

At 3rd level, the drop bear can cling to the undersides of horizontal surfaces for extended periods of time without penalty. If there’s a low ceiling, the Drop Bear can crawl around on it like a bug and swat at people below.

Jumping really high

At 6th level, the drop bear can jump as high as he’d be able to climb vertically in one action.