Cheap inn event generator

Staying at a poor quality inn? Roll a D20 to see what happens during your stay!

  1. Meth lab explosion in adjacent room.
  2. Exceptionally trashy child beauty pageant in conference room.
  3. Murder Mystery!
  4. Ice Machine out of ice.
  5. Low end Sci Fi Con.
  6. Naked drunk man in the bathtub.
  7. Building quarantined due to high radioactive background.
  8. Toilet overflows. Cannot be stopped.
  9. Unsanitary conditions lead to a disease zombie outbreak.
  10. Modeling agency holds “Babes of the Urban Decay” photo shoot at your motel… last weekend.
  11. Learn your favorite musician died of an overdose at this motel.
  12. Loud nighttime construction.
  13. Mind controlling bedbugs.
  14. Book of Elvis is cursed.  Reading it summons evil monsters with amazing hair.
  15. Creepy stoned pizza delivery guy really wants to touch your hair.
  16. Vomit…EVERYWHERE
  17. All the wall outlets are 2 prong variety.
  18. Poorly made bed causes you to wake with a stiff back.  -2 Dex for 24 hours.
  19. Broken TV is stuck on an adults only channel.  Pay S$550 or try to argue your way out of it.
  20. Toothless manager thinks you are kind of cute.